Boiled Plantains (Bannann Bouyi)

Boiled plantains is simple side dish served with many meals in Haiti. Their attractiveness as food is that they fruit all year round, making them a reliable all-season staple food. In the United States they are referred to as cooking bananas and can be purchased in pretty much any major grocery stores. Here’s a simple recipe for boiled plantains.


3 Cups of Water

1 green Plantain

1 Tsp salt


Pour the water and salt into a small pot and bring to boil.

Rinse the plantain under cold water.

Cut 1 inch off each end of the plantain.

Using a knife, score the skin of the plantain from tip to tip.

Cut the plantain in half and add it to the pot.

Boil the plantain for approximately 20 min.

Remove the plantain from water and carefully remove the skin.

Serve warm with any meal.


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