Shipping & Returns

scotch bonnet

Orders placed before 2:30 PM (EST) typically ship the same day and are shipped USPS Flat Rate. We prefer to not ship on Fridays, due to the pikliz sitting in the post office. Orders are typically filled Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays, to allowed 2 to 3 days shipping to get the freshest pikliz possible. 

Please allow 24 hours before tracking information to become live. If you have immediate questions, please reach out to us at:


In most cases it costs the same to ship one product as it does to ship two or three. Save on shipping by ordering more.

USPS Flat Rate (1-2 Jars) $10.00
USPS Flat Rate (3-4 Jars) $15.00

Returns are not excepted unless product is damaged or undelivered.

For more information please contact us below.