Garden Tree with Bird, Haitian Metal Wall Art From Recycled Oil Drums 10

Garden Tree with Bird, Haitian Metal Wall Art From Recycled Oil Drums 10" X 10"

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Brand: it's cactus - metal art haiti

Color: It is a varying color. A mixture and a blend of hues. dark black steel, browns and pewter tones. It changes depending on the lighting.


  • Framed by a circle, and indicative of the cycle of life, this tree stands tall and proud, it's branches protective of the bird nesting therein. Handmade in Haiti following 60 years of folk art tradition.
  • In Haiti, the traditional art of converting oil drums into sculptures is a true mark of both man's imagination and his resourcefulness in the face of dire economic circumstances.
  • Using 55-gallon oil drum cast offs, the artist first removes both ends of the drum. Next, he stuffs the drum with straw, igniting it to burn out any residues. When it has cooled, he slices it down one side and pounds it into a flat metal sheet . With a stick of chalk, the artist then draws his intended design onto the metal. Finally, he applies a hammer and chisel to the task; cutting, shaping, and contouring the piece to its completion.
  • Fair trade is important to us and to our artists. We are proud to support them through our fair trading practices.
  • It's Cactus Metal Art Haiti

Publisher: Metal Art Haiti

Details: Hanging your art is easy once you know how. Choose a point where the design element is joined or notched and use a nail to hang it from that point on the wall. Use a second and a third nail (if necessary) within other design elements to straighten and secure the piece. Then stand back and admire your work. You'll see that the nails "disappear" into the sculpture. Beautiful! This metal sculpture is meant for display indoors or out, but if you choose to display yours outside, be aware that the protective, weather-proof coating will wear off over time. To keep your sculpture looking just like it did the day you bought it, take five minutes once a year to apply a spray-on clear enamel coating.